We have a strong history in suction excavation services, always pushing to lead the market through innovative technology and responsive, dependable service.

Now with exciting tech advances in Europe, Ox Equipment continues to drive the industry forward in North America by partnering with MTS Suction Systems in Germany. We offer a range of models with a variety of suction performance levels and truck sizes, for every usage and industry need.

We understand how important it is for companies to reduce the risks of personal injury, property damage and financial loss, so loss prevention is a primary focus in both our product features and service operation.

In every Ox product and service you’ll see the results of a strong push to always do better. The industry bar is now raised in North America, so when you want equipment that can deliver more efficient, cleaner, safer – smarter – excavations, Ox Equipment is the strongest choice.

Meet the Team

Dan Bartels


Colin Donoahue

Business Development Manager

Ian Vansydenborgh

Service / Support Technician

Gary Tamming

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Elias

Marketing and Communications

Brittney Hoving

Sr. Manager, Human Resources

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