Get positioned at the front of your industry with the advanced technology of suction excavation.


  • Working in areas with existing pipelines, identified or unknown
  • Underground pipe repair
  • Inside the fence/contaminated spoils

Electrical Distribution

  • Safe, non-conductive air excavation process
  • Safe excavation around utility lines, identified or unknown
  • Electrical underground fault repair
  • Contaminated/impacted spoils removal

Utility Distribution

  • Safe exposure of all buried infrastructure, (gas, electrical, telecom, water, etc.)
  • Emergency repairs


  • Ballast removal/cleaning
  • Undercutting
  • Safe excavation of rail signalling systems
  • Spills/derailments


  • Emptying boilers, bunkers, silos, etc.
  • Emergency spill clean up
  • Filter/Sludge removal


  • Contaminated/impacted soil remediation
  • Emergency spill clean up
  • Work on overhead areas and bridges

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