MTS Dino Series: Applications

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MTS Dino Series: Applications

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Ballast removal/cleaning, Undercutting, Safe excavation of rail signalling systems, Spills/derailments

The MTS Dino series suction excavator can be outfitted with a rail-kit making it the ideal piece of equipment for a variety of rail projects. Dino series trucks come equipped with an oscillating turning ‘Ike’ mounted on the end of the Mega Arm. This coupled with the 24,000 CFM twin fan setup, gives operators the power for all types of jobs, from cleaning rail ballast, to accident debris and spilled loads cleanup, to railway demolition work.


Working in areas with existing pipelines, Underground pipe repair, Inside the fence/contaminated spoils

The MTS Dino Series suction excavator is capable in all types of pipeline applications. Often pipeline work is off the beaten path leading to the challenges of filling your vac up with water and limited dump sites. The material in pumping stations and along pipeline routes is regularly suspect and often requires testing, leading to high costs for disposal. With the suction excavator, no water is required, and work can continue all day. Seen here working in a gas pumping station this suction excavator was required to excavate large areas around a 4’ gas main. On this project, they were able to average an astronomical 50-80 yards excavated per day, all while lowering the cost of disposal for the client by dumping on site.


Contaminated/impacted soil remediation, Emergency spill clean up, Work on overhead areas and bridges

The MTS Dino Series suction excavator is capable in all types of roadworks projects. All Dino Series trucks come equipped with numerous pneumatic tools including a 30 kg jackhammer, a power shovel which can also be used as a tamper, and an Airspade. The truck puts out 360 CFM of oiled and non-oiled air allowing users to run almost any tool required for most jobs. This coupled with the Dino’s 24,000 CFM twin fan setup, gives operators the power for all types of jobs, from cleaning of road inlets, to accident debris and spilled loads cleanup, to bridge and road demolition work.

Roof Ballast

Ballast removal, Material cleaning, Material reuse

The MTS Dino Series suction excavator is capable in removing all types of particulate roofing material ranging from pee-stone type roof ballast, to green roofing systems. The suction excavator generates over 24,000 CFM of air conveyance meaning that high volumes of material can be removed very quickly. Every unit is equipped with air compressors generating 360 cfm @ 185 psi, allowing operators to use an Airspade to clean the roof and keep everything dry and workable. All material removed can be dumped into roll off bins, allowing the equipment to stay on site and be productive all day.

Contaminated Site

Contaminated/impacted soil, Emergency spill clean up, Hazardous material removal

The MTS Dino Series of suction excavators are the solution for contaminated sites where soft digging is required. With hydrostatic drive, and the ability to side tip, all units can be emptied on site or into bins in minutes. In the site pictured, the DINO 12 excavated over 40 yards of material in 6 hours. The site had a mix of granular “A” gravel and pee stone, and because the excavated materials remained dry, they could be separated and stored on site. Upon completion of the work, the contractor was able to reuse the fill, eliminating the high costs of contaminated disposal, and the need to bring in new fill.


Emptying boilers, bunkers, silos, etc., Indoor work, Emergency spill clean up, Filter/Sludge removal

The MTS Dino Series suction excavator is the vacuum truck of choice for all types of industrial work. Often the material being pulled in industrial sites is contaminated and cannot be dumped at most common disposal facilities. By keeping spoils dry, excavated materials can often be dumped on site or put into storage. This means that the truck doesn’t leave site all day, and there are more options for cost-effective disposal solutions. Each suction excavator is fitted with 42 self cleaning conical filters, meaning that even the finest of industrial products can be vacuumed all day, even indoors. With 24,000 CFM of air conveyance, the truck achieves incredible levels of production, getting operations back up and running quicker.

Electrical Substation

Safe, non-conductive air excavation process, Safe excavation around utility lines, identified or unknown, Electrical underground fault repair, Contaminated/impacted spoils removal

The MTS Dino Series suction excavator is ideal when working in electrical substations and around distribution networks. Unlike steel (backhoe) or water (hydrovac), air is non-conductive which eliminates many of the potential risks when working around buried high voltage utilities. Often substations have a top layer of clear stone, and with the suction excavator, this material can be vacuumed separate from the fill below to be piled separately to be reused. The remaining materials excavated can also be piled on site to be reinstated upon completion of a dig.

Urban Infrastructure

Compact units, Versatile mega arm, Onsite dumping

The MTS Dino Series suction excavator is the ideal vacuum excavator when working in the congested core of a city. Often getting in and out of a major city is a challenge due to traffic congestion on city streets. To make this worse, traditional hydrovacs are often full midday, meaning that they are forced to head into city traffic to somewhere outside the city where they can dispose of the excavated material. Once the suction excavator is on site, you can expect it to stay on site all day, dumping on site or into a bin, eliminating road time and lost productivity. The Dino 4.5 shown here was able to excavate 24 yards of material in one day, dumping all fill on site for reuse, not leaving site once.

Tree Root Protection

Industry standard tree root protection, Higher productivity than alternatives

The MTS Dino Series suction excavator is capable and ideal for all excavations in areas where tree protection is critical and mandated. Each suction excavator is equipped with an Airspade for safe pneumatic digging around utilities and tree root layers. The Airspade is the tool of choice for arborists when excavating in tree protection zones and is ideal for preserving root health. Often hydrovacs are forced to turn down the P.S.I output of their water lances when digging around roots, drastically decreasing production. However, with the Airspade operators can run the tool at full pressure. Digging dry also allows operators to fill the excavation with the same soil that was vacuumed which is most beneficial to arboriculture health

The most versatile tool in safe digging