As more and more leaders in the infrastructure, utility, and construction industries seek to provide the best possible services to their clients, they  rely heavily on high-quality equipment. Machines that continuously prove themselves in the categories of safety, efficiency and productivity comprise a very large portion of the revenue puzzle.

The product offerings showcased by Ox Equipment are not just innovative solutions to common industry problems, it’s equipment that is engineered to perform best in its given field. 

Ox Equipment is driven to help your business succeed by supplying machines and tools that are built to perform profitably.


America's #1 Dry Vac

There are many different kinds of excavation equipment on the market that can all generally carry out the same task and get the job done. But when it comes to environmentally responsible, safe, non-destructive, dry digging - the MTS Dino Series Suction Excavator from Ox Equipment has a clear advantage over any other equipment out there.
Being engineered for excavating dry materials means that the entire workflow of the MTS Dino Series, from the high-quality tool options, to the filtration system, to dumping, and even the maintenance of this equipment, was all carefully considered during the manufacturing process. With down-time mitigated through this advanced technology, the MTS Dino Series will still be working on the job site while the majority of the competition is at the disposal facility, water refill station, or at shop getting repaired.


Be Your Own Batch Plant

Volumetric mixers save you the trips back to the batch plant, and make sure that the concrete you pour is the exact mix the job requires.

A volumetric mixer precisely meters out cement, sand, stone and water on-site. No mixing as you drive. No getting stuck in traffic while the mix in the back hardens and changes. Just a continuous flow of fresh-mixed, perfectly proportioned concrete without the waste.


Restoring Excavation Efficiently

The Atlas Live Bottom is the safest way to deliver soil, sand, stone, asphalt, and other aggregate. Designed with a Hardox® 450 shell, the Atlas is able to both directly drop your material as well as throw your material in a manner that is safe for everyone on site.

No more risky large dump trucks with the fear of falling over on unpredictable site grounds. Just a clean, safe and reliable delivery.