Vogt Turbo Spade and Delta Hammer work to reduce the effort and fatigue involved in manual work site operations. The application possibilities of these tools is endless due to the many available bits – all useful for a wide array of job requirements. Vogt pneumatic tools are built to be lightweight, ergonomic, and supremely comfortable for extended use. The ‘T’ shaped handle on the Turbo Spade is ideal for vertically oriented tasks, while the ‘D’ handle on the Hammer is ideal for horizontal work, and work in tighter spaces. Quick-change tools allow for rapidly switching between tasks, and an overall increase in productivity.

Sensitive underground cables and pipes can often be punctured by traditional digging methods. Utility  Airspade offers a safe, non-damaging alternative for soil excavation. AirSpade’s patented, supersonic nozzle turns compressed air into a high-speed, laser-like jet moving at twice the speed of sound, Mach 2. All of the energy and momentum of air moving at approximately 1,200 mph is focused into the soil, dislodging it in a fraction of a second. Stronger, non-porous materials such as metal or plastic pipes, cables, or even tree roots are unaffected. The result is faster, safer, more effective digging. 

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